A Guide to Betting

Fancy a flutter, but not sure what is right for you? One of the first things you should do when you arrive at Roscommon Racecourse is to buy a Racecard.

It will contain all the information you require for your day at the races and it is a good idea to bring a pen with you because sometimes there may be changes on the day (non-runners, jockey changes etc. ). This will be announced over the public address system. The Race Card contains detailed information on each horse including their previous performances, their age and their weight. Below is a guide, produced by Horse Racing Ireland, which explains what all the information means:

There are two options for placing your bets; through The Tote or the Bookmakers.

The Tote

How do I bet with the Tote?
Betting with the Tote is easy! The Tote provides betting facilities at the Tote betting counters with staff on hand to assist you.
When you are ready to place a bet, you need to simply tell the operator the following:
– The race number
– How much you want to bet
– What type of bet you would like
– What number the horse is
For example: I would like a €10 Win bet on Race 2 on horse number 7 please!

Then the operator will give you your ticket and you are ready to go cheer your horse home! Remember to always make sure the ticket details are correct. And if studying the form isn’t your thing, you can always simply ask the Tote operator for a ‘Quickpick’!


How do I bet with a Bookmaker?
This type of betting is also very straightforward.
Before each race you can wander between the bookmakers’ pitches (Stands) where they display the Runners for the next race and the odds/prices that are being offered. Bookmakers operate a computerized ticket/board system and there will be differences in their prices so look for the one who is giving the best price on your horse.
To place your bet, simply tell the Bookmaker:
– the horse’s number
– the type of bet i.e. win or each-way
– the amount you’d like to bet
For example: I would like a €10 Win bet on Horse number 7 please.

You will then be given a ticket confirming your bet. Keep this safe as you’ll need it to claim your winnings if your horse is successful. After the race, to claim your winnings, simply take your receipt back to the bookmaker you had the bet with and they’ll give you your money.

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